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  • Latest Version:
  • Release Date: March 31, 2014
  • File Size: 12.9
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System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32 / 64bit), 8 (32 / 64bit), Windows 7 (32 / 64bit), Vista (32 / 64bit), XP SP2 or higher(32 / 64bit)
  • Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 or equivalent
  • Over 16MB free RAM
  • Over 25MB free HDD space.
  • Note
  • Some videos may require the newest version of DirectX or Windows Media Player.
  • Recommended settings may differ between video file types.

Version History

  • GOM Media Player [2014 03/31]
  • Changes to minimum system requirements
  • Major improvements to the internal source filter
  • FLAC audio file (.flac) playback support added
  • Added Internal support for several video and audio codecs
  • Improvements to the Bookmarks feature
  • Jump to specific time feature added
  • “Play in single thread” set to off by default
  • Improved .LNK file playback
  • Corrected DAT file associations
  • Updated the Codec Finder window
  • Improved the Subtitle Explorer window
  • Fixed a security issue
  • Enhanced the security of the installer package
  • Misc. changes and fixes

  • GOM Media Player [2013 12/19]
  • GOM Media Player now officially supports Windows 8.1.
  • Fixed an issue where MP3 files containing album art information would not play while using Enhanced Video Renderer.
  • Modified file access rights during playback.
  • Improved playback support for files requiring the TSCC codec.
  • Fixed an issue affecting the Enhanced Video Renderer video output setting.
  • Fixed an issue where MP4 files made with Windows Movie Maker wouldn't play properly.
  • Fixed an issue affecting ASX and video/audio streaming from the Internet.
  • Fixed an issue affecting .AVI files created with Casio Digital Cameras.
  • Improved playback while playing files with Intel Quick Sync Video enabled.
  • Intel Quick Sync Video and the ASF source filter are now both disabled by default.
  • Other misc. corrections and fixes.

  • GOM Media Player [2013 12/09]
  • Made major improvements to the Gretech Source Filter.
  • 90, 180, and 270 degree rotation feature added.
  • Added Playback support for H.265 (HEVC) video files.
  • If available, album art will now be displayed when playing MP3 files.
  • Added hardware playback support for Intel Quick Sync Video.
  • Improved the "Move by keyframe" feature.
  • Added support for AC3-SPDIF Output.
  • Added support for Apple Closed Caption subtitles.
  • Fixed an issue where DVD playback on certain 32bit OS would cause forced terminations of GOM Media Player.
  • Added links to the Official Gom Media Player website, FAQ, etc. to the default GOM2.2 skin.
  • Corrected a security issue.
  • Other misc. changes and fixes.

  • GOM Media Player [2013 08/29]
  • A new default GOM Player 2.2 Skin has been applied.
  • Volume can now be boosted to 200%.
  • UI Transparency Slider added.
  • Bookmark Feature Improved.
  • Changes the File Associations window for Windows 8.
  • Playback status icon added to taskbar icon.
  • Message reflecting window size changes added.
  • Internal support added for multiple codecs.
  • A buffer overflow security issue has been corrected.
  • Audio sync issue with some Xvid videos corrected.
  • Improved ability to properly recognized display aspect ratio.
  • Improved ability to display "Current Frame" information.
  • Other misc. corrections and fixes.

  • GOM Media Player [2013 04/03]
  • Modified the software's AAC codec.
  • Removed AC3 Tab and internal options.
  • Corrected a sync issue with certain TS files.
  • Corrected a playback issue with certain MP4 files.
  • Added playback history management options (Win7 +).
  • Minor misc changes and fixes.

  • GOM Media Player [2013 03/26]
  • Corrected an issue with the MPEG source filter.
  • Added support for 10bit AVC files.
  • Corrected a playback speed control issue (WMV).
  • Improved FLV playback with internal filters.
  • Improved playback for certain MTS files.
  • Improved the seek function for H.264 videos.
  • Playback Speed Control improved (0.2x - 16x).
  • Improved Easy Browser preferences.
  • Snapshot Preview shortcut added (CTRL + Q).
  • Corrected a volume message display issue.
  • Misc fixes and changes.

  • GOM Media Player [2012 12/12]
  • Windows 8 Support Added / Windows 98SE support dropped.
  • Default MPEG Transport Stream changed.
  • Added additional Aspect Ratio options.
  • Audio playback issue corrected.
  • RTL Language Subtitle Support is now enabled by default.
  • File Playback Information will now include the version of GOM Media Player being used.
  • Various fixes in phrasing and spelling.
  • Other miscellaneous issues have been addressed and corrected.

  • GOM Media Player [2012 07/31]
  • Improved AAC Audio Support.
  • AVI Playback Issue Corrected.
  • SRT Subtitle Display Issue Corrected.
  • RTL Subtitle Support Added (beta).

  • GOM Media Player [2012 04/19]
  • Disable Splash Screen Function (window that appears when closing the player) added.
  • Improved the Gretech MP4 Source Filter.
  • Altered default screen size settings.
  • Added the LAV Audio Decoder to the Disabled Filters List.
  • Corrected the Gretech FLV Source Filter.
  • Improved the Gretech AVI Source Filter.
  • Product information added to the Windows Control Panel.
  • Impoved the Playback Window size adjustment feature.
  • Adjusted the default AC3 options.

  • GOM Media Player [2012 03/14]
  • A security vulnerability related to the "Open URL" feature has been addressed and corrected.

  • GOM Media Player [2012 01/10]
  • An error where only one audio track would be available when playing certain multiple-audio MP4 files has been corrected.

  • GOM Media Player [2011 12/12]
  • When stopping a video file after making changes to subtitle sync settings, a message will now be displayed asking whether or not to save the changes. This message can be turned on and off from the Preferences window.
  • Added a feature whereby default playback window size settings will only be applied when launching a new instance of GOM Media Player.
  • Improved playback for uncompressed AVI files.
  • Various minor changes and corrections.

  • GOM Media Player [2011 09/08]
  • Changed the background image that is displayed when playing audio files
  • Added the ability to select 3D Subtitle Mode.
  • Added the ability to change filters for playing TS files
  • Improved the internal MKV source filter *
  • Improved the internal MP4 source filter for MOV playback **
  • Fixed a bug that caused playback errors with full screen mode when using the "default" skin.
  • Added the ability to select whether or not to play files in a single thread.
  • AB Repeat feature now works properly during DVD playback.
  • Corrected an issue were some OpenDML AVI files over 2GB in size could not be played properly.
  • Links that appear in the text bar of the main window will now open in the user's default browser when clicked (as opposed to IE)
  • Updated the GOM Media Player EULA
  • Other minor fixes
  • * There was an issue where subtitles weren't displaying properly on certain MKV files. This problem has been addressed and improved, but may not be 100% corrected for all files.
  • ** The Gretech Mp4 Source Filter is now used by default when playing MOV files.

  • GOM Media Player [2010 11/22]
  • Added the MPEG2 source filter with improved search quality and playback error.
  • Fixed a browsing error in some TS files
  • Fixed a synchronizing error with video and audio in some TS files.
  • Added MPEG source filter options to Filter Preferences.
  • Fixed an average frame calculation error in the Gretech ASF Source filter.
  • Fixed a sound issue with the Gretech Audio filter.

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