Download aTubeCatcher 3.8

Download videos from social web sites like MySpace™, Dailymotion™, Metacafe™, Spike™, Yahoo!™, Globo™, RTVE™, etc; thousands of video sharing sites!; You can export the multimedia content to your computer or your mobile device, IPAD, IPOD, PSP, GPS devices, MP4 Players, Cell Phone, Android devices, DVD, VCD, MP3, Iphone. Plenty of formats supported including 3GP, 3G2, AVI, XVID, MP4, MP3, MP2, WMA, WMV, GIF, FLAC, WAV, PSP, MPG, VOB, OGG, MOV, AVI. aTube Catcher also can burn in DVD/VCD your videos without use any other third party software. Among other features has a built-in Screen Recorder to capture what you see on your screen, even video chat sessions from Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, DVD movies,Webinars, Online Meetings, etc, or just create video/audio presentations. All those features and more!. 100% Freeware, safe and clean!. Multilanguage interface.

New video search tool, thousands of videos in a few seconds on your screen!

  Thanks to all the support of the community we are pleased to announce aTube Catcher 3.8,
  More stable, reliable, and faster!
  Turbo Downloads up to 600% faster!!!
  Now In just 2 steps create and record DVD's!!!
  Capture Videos, SWF, and MP3's from any web site using StreamCatcher mode!
  Record video from your screen!, yes now you can record Live, Yahoo, etc Messenger video conferences with a few clicks, even video from sites like Hulu, CBS, directly from your Screen!
  New Video Converter Mode, convert lots of files easily with one click to any output format!
  Introducing new profiles for encoding your videos/audios in MP4,MP3,MPG,3GP,3G2,WMV,AVI,MOV,etc... almost any input/output format supported!
  Built-in Profile editor, create, edit and share your custom encoding profiles with the community!
  DVD Creator Mode!. Yes now aTube Catcher can directly record DVD's, just drag any video file in almost any input format on the window, they will be converted automatically and recorded to any DVD+/-R/DVD+/-RW Media!. Supports all standard DVD/CD Recorders!
  Recorded DVD's can be played on any standard home DVD player!
  IE Cache Media Browser, browses the Internet Explorer's cache looking for Video files and SWF's
  URL Monitor. Yes, monitor your Web browser's windows to catch your links even if the address bar is hidden.
  Download and join multiple videos as a new one. Forget time limitations, you can join all the chapters of the same video.
  In Normal mode for direct download, are supported hundred of sites like DailyMotion, FaceBook, Tweetvid, etc...
  Multiple languages available!
  And my features more!
  Warranty, it's a 100% Free and clean software, millions of users can't be wrong!
  In the version 2 now you can Create VCD's and Audio CD's too!
  Login-in to download full and original files!
  Now you can merge existent videos into any format!
  New video search tool, helps you to find thousands of videos in a few seconds, display results on your screen with a low memory usage; you can right click over results or double click to open built-in web player !
  "Clipboard monitor", helps you to keep a history of the links copied to your clipboard. !
  Now aTube Catcher takes advantage of the multi-core CPU's when converting multiple videos simultaneously. Put to work your new powerful multi-core cpu and enjoy its power process!
  Our warranty, aTube Catcher is, Safe, Clean, Life time upgrades and the best 100% Freeware without limits!
aTube Catcher can authenticate with Dailymotion, Orange and Kewego, this makes possible to download private or adult rated videos; other new feature is the support for Playlists, put the url of a playlist and you will be prompted to select the the videos that you wanna get, you can check all items and automatically aTube Catcher will add all them to the queue manager to download and process each one while you are away from your Desktop or doing other tasks.
Has support for playlists, you can put the url of a playlist and aTC will show you a screen, then select the desidered videos or simply all; due to a request from the users now you can copy the url of a search and aTube Catcher will fetch the links; for example, you are a lawyer and want to search videos about other attorneys, and you search with that key word, after copy the url of the results to aTube Catcher and it will read the links and prompt you to choose those that want. Try it and you will love these 2 great features.
This new release includes 2 new functions, IE Cache Media Browser and Video Packet Capture, with this new great tools you will be able to download almost any video from internet, completely free and from the easy to use characteristic GUI (Graphical User Interface). New improved performance!.
The video packet capture can be accessed from the Tools menu, and is in experimental development, it must me executed with administrator privileges in order to be able to capture the traffic. Don't care what web browser are you using.
This new release includes support for more sites, so many improvements and a downloads list with truly parallel download support, you can set multiple simultaneous downloads and up to 5 simultaneous conversions.
Even better!. Download multiple chapters in just one file. No more splitted videos in 10 minutes parts, with atube Catcher it's possible to download and join each chapter to get your full lenght video!

It supports natively RTMP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) which allows to aTube Catcher download videos from more sites like MyPlay, BBC, CNN, ATOM, VH1, Yahoo! Music and many more!. Also I've added the capability to decode correctly UTF-8, Windows-1252, etc, now the titles of your videos can be saved without strange characters. Enjoy this release and don't forget to leave your feedback!!!.

Processor: Any i686 or compatible cpu running Windows 32 bits.
Operating system: MS Windows 98,ME,NT,2000,2003,XP,Vista,Windows7, Windows 64 bits versions supported.
Memory: The minimum required for your Operating System.
DirectX 9.0c minimum for Screen Recorder
Windows Media Player 8 minimum for Screen Recorder
Latest version of Adobe Flash Player ActiveX (Click here to download from Adobe)
ASPI Driver for VCD recording, you can install it by clicking on "Install ASPI Driver" on help menu.
WinpCap 4.0 minimum, for Stream Catcher mode
For Windows XP, it's recommended to have Service Pack 3
aTube Catcher works fine on Linux running the last version of Wine, but the installer will raise some errors, it is normal, just ignore it. If you can't get aTube Catcher working on your Linux box contact me.

Thanks to Radek Strugalski for their fantastic tool AsfBin, that allows add to aTube Catcher the functionality of reconstruct ASF/WMV streams.
Please bear in mind that you should get a license for AsfBin if you choose to use this for commercial use.

aTube Catcher doesn't decode DRM protected content and doesn't support encrypted/secured/cipher protocols (including RTMPE), so the copyright holders can be sure that its rights shall not be infringed.
*Only for private and personal use, because is absolutely forbidden redistribute the content in other formats/media according to the politics on each site.

*Yahoo©, MySpace©, Stage6©, Veoh©, Metacafe, Spike etc are registered treade marks property of their respective owners. This site is not affiliated with them.

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