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Why VirtualDJ ?

In the past few years, the DJing industry has seen computer DJing becomes the de-facto standard.
With Technics having closed its turntable division, and Pioneer trying to replace its CDJ players by USB controllers, long gone are the days where computer DJs were frown upon. Now it’s the DJs still using CD and vinyls who are laughed about.

And while choosing a CD player or a turntable used to be only a matter of price vs quality, choosing a DJ software is much easier: The three main DJ software have three different philosophies, and cater to different DJs.
For example, one competitor’s main selling point is that their software will let you keep and use all the skills that you learnt on vinyls or CDs, and emulate those perfectly with nothing less but nothing more (which caters to big-names DJs who are famous and rich because of those skills, and are understandably reluctant to be told those skills are not needed anymore).
At VirtualDJ, we decided to embrace the technology fully, and make sure that switching to computer DJing will enhance the way you mix in every possible way that the current level of technology allows. Even if it means that some of the things that you learnt on vinyl with years of hard practice are now obsolete and done at the click of a single button.

If you are a beginner DJ, then the choice is a no-brainer. There is a reason why our beginner software, VirtualDJ Home, has close to one million new DJs converting to it every month (source, making it the uncontested leader in entry-level DJing software. The price should also be a deciding factor, since VirtualDJ Home is now completely FREE.

But even if you’re a seasoned DJ, you will find that VirtualDJ, unlike its competitors, will really let you do much more, and mix much better, with a computer, than you used to with vinyls and CDs.
With beat-aware effects, remix sampler, timeline editing, netsearch libraries, and hundreds of other breakthrough innovations, VirtualDJ will change the way you mix, but only to make it better.
Hundreds of thousands of professional DJs, from big-names superstars to regular club DJs, are using VirtualDJ every day to deliver much better mixes than they would have with competitor software.

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