DAEMON Tools iSCSI Target 2

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DAEMON Tools iSCSI Target 2
DAEMON Tools iSCSI Target is a cross-platform tool for sharing virtual or physical optical devices and virtual hard disks with numerous clients.
  • Key features
  • Gallery
  • Supported OS
Key features

  • Use up to 16 iSCSI targets and share with unlimited number of users
  • Share vast range of devices and image files: physical drives, virtual drives and virtual hard disks
  • Provide full-fledged access to remote disc images that can be used as local ones
  • Customize connections and server settings, control the security of your data
  • Work with iSCSI targets on any device (PC, tablets or phones) via simple web interface

  • Check the simple interface: one panel, simple menu and essential settings
  • Choose an image file and add it as iSCSI target — no need in creating and mounting a virtual device
  • Use DAEMON Tools Ultra as iSCSI Initiator or try other initiators for non-Windows PCs
  • Manage iSCSI targets from any device
  • Ask our support team or help guide in case of any issues or questions

  • Create inexpensive and full-functional home or enterprise storage
  • Work with virtual or physical devices and various types of image files (including VHD)
  • Use in secure systems, where data is stored on server only

DAEMON Tools iSCSI Target allows you to control everything that happens on the server. The connection to the server is customizable:

  • Manage access permissions by setting different passwords to iSCSI target
  • Change ports and number of connections
  • Stop sharing data on a certain iSCSI target anytime
Cross-platform functionality

  • Run the program on Windows XP or later
  • Share virtual images and VHD on your Linux and Mac
  • Use smart web interface to work from any device
Can I try now?

DAEMON Tools iSCSI Target is available for free during the first 20 days. You can purchase a license during anytime during the trial period.

You also need iSCSI Initiator to evaluate all advantages of the software. DAEMON Tools Ultra can be used as a client in case you have the license.

Windows XP or later
Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later
Ubuntu 12.04 or later
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