Update Patch ETS2 1.11.1

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ETS2 1.11 patch notes

Main changes:

  • 3 new cities: Venice, Klagenfurt, Graz
  • Seat adjuster
  • Truck/car speed limit shown in Route Advisor
  • Improved UI for in-game radio with sorting and favorite selection (global across all profiles). To take advantage of the new features, please use the "Update from internet" button to update the streams.
  • UI facelift


  • Ability to relocate player and sell empty garage
  • Digital cruise control: speed increment, speed decrement, resume
  • Ability to control size of step used for cruise control speed using cvar g_cruise_control_grid
  • The cruise control is not reset after entering the UI when using Real Automatic gearbox together with h-shifter device
  • Renamed g_auto_traffic to g_traffic to make more sense
  • ADR does not hide fragility icon in job offer list
  • Fixed route animation on UI map
  • Adjusters UI unified and linked to common key (F4).
  • Support for resetting mirrors in the mirror adjuster to default position
  • Mirror adjuster can be controlled using keys on numeric block
  • Fixed brand selection UI in profile creation to show all trucks
  • Fixed visibility of some items on the UI map
  • Adjusted position of driver icon in garage manager
  • Fixed driver overlay on garage slot selection screen
  • Truck configuration screen preselects owned accessories
  • Overturned trailer can not be disconnected
  • Instant consumption displayed in l/100km if vehicle is moving
  • When miles and gallon are used, consumption is computed inversed (in gpm)
  • Mail notification appears only when mail is actually delivered (instead of every load and return to game)
  • Automatically generated h-shifter layouts (for any number of gears, even more than 12)
  • Retarder indicator is lit during automatic retarder usage
  • Fixed offense delay check for wrong way offense
  • Used weaker engine for quick job Volvo 2012 4x2_c truck
  • Mirror reflections realistically change in relation to camera movement


  • Hinge inertia is calculated from shape
  • Center of gravity of cargo affects center of gravity of trailer
  • Added option slider controlling trailer stability (center of gravity offset)
  • Updated physics-related properties of materials to account for physics changes
  • Fixed roll of the fifth wheel
  • Modified weights in suspension filtering


  • Many map fixes in all countries
  • Deleted unused map segments


  • Scania: Fixed mapping on dashboard, changed mirrors
  • Stralis: Fixed bad reflections
  • Hiway: Fixed engine torgue
  • Volvo 2012: Removed sideskirts from default setups, fixed distorted mirror
  • Volvo FH-16: Fixed holes
  • Man: Fixed hole
  • Renault Magnum: Fixed the Blade paintjob
  • DAF XF: Improved interior mirrors


  • Proper detail vegetation texture is selected for prefabs
  • Proper detail vegetation texture for road with center terrain only
  • Added support for 3 railings for each road side
  • Added crossroad end traffic rule to some prefabs
  • Added new variants to Austrian tollgates
  • Added 'crossroad end' rules for highway prefabs to properly cancel previous speed limits if any
  • Added 'crossroad end' traffic rules for gas stations
  • Fixed vertexes, AI info and terrain points on various prefabs
  • Fixed semaphore profiles on cross prefab
  • Fixed navigation curve on roundabout prefab
  • Fixed map points on cross prefabs
  • Fixed AI locators on cross prefab
  • Fixed navigation curve on fork prefab
  • Fixed roll of AI curve on some prefabs
  • Optimized the Boxer and Opalin AI models
  • Improved rain area on small gas station
  • Removed obsolete looks from some prefabs


  • Improved detection of speed limits
  • City names can be provided as a parameter for the 'goto' command.
  • Enabled rendering of model item hookups to shadows and reflections
  • Disabled normal maps on wheels of AI trucks
  • Some improvements in handling of both DirectX and OpenGL
  • Fixed Alt+Tab after changing graphics settings in the DirectX mode
  • Fixed crash during exit when another copy is already running
  • Game log contains more information about use of the controller for UI mouse
  • Icons for services are not shown on items with the 'not in ui map' flag set
  • Proper handling of prefab variant during vegetation generation
  • Addons can be now hidden when rendering some specific views (e.g. inside specific mirrors)
  • Fixed license plate definitions for some cities
  • All necessary accessories of AI truck vehicles are rendered
  • Support for specialized license plate format for buses
  • Support for different license plate background for trucks
  • Refined physical geometry for generated roads and some prefabs to improve physics behavior
  • Prevented crash if there are missing cities or cities without any brands when sending initial "dealer unlocked" email (TSM mod)
  • Prevented crash if driver log contains city from mod which was removed
  • Fixed repair of Man, Stralis and Streamline trucks after removal of accessory mod
  • Fixed crash when trying to sell truck whose cabin accessory is missing as result of mod removal
  • Fixed crash in management screens when sorting by city name when city is missing as result of mod removal


  • Speed limit is not reset until the end of crossroad
  • Added support for 'no trucks' flag to prefabs. Trucks are not allowed to enter items with the 'no trucks' flag or be spawned on them.
  • Better handling situation when no speed limit is defined
  • Reset vehicle speed limit when the corresponding rule ends
  • Assumes non-city road lanes if not all road parts are inside a city area
  • Use an average lane count instead of maximum when determining the current spawn density
  • AI vehicles turn their lights on/off based on the actual light conditions instead of the daytime
  • Prevented overtaking near traffic accidents in the opposite direction
  • Traffic trucks are now using the default gearbox
  • Set engine torque for AI trucks
  • Disable traffic for prefab items connected only to 1 or more 'no traffic' items
  • Support for handling traffic sign rules not placed on traffic-enabled items
  • Decreased lane speed interval size to lower the number of slow vehicles on highways
  • Wait for high priority vehicles also in case of 'end' intersections
  • Prevent vehicles spawning near vehicles overtaking in a wrong way lane during the whole overtaking process
  • Fixed crossing actor not being detected in case of multiple vehicles inside an intersection
  • Fixed traffic navigation for cases when there is no available path to one or more neighbors
  • Fixed too frequent use of low probability paths
  • Fixed detection of items associated with traffic signs
  • Fixed handling of splitting lanes
  • Fixed use of blinkers and lane merging for French, Polish and Austrian tollgates
  • Fixed computation of actor distance for cyclic paths
  • Fixed vehicles not finding correct path on roundabouts
  • Fixed handling of priority rules
  • Fixed intersection handling on roundabouts
  • Fixed handling of rules for wrong way items
  • Fixed vehicles spawning on unconnected items in some cases
  • Fixed crashed AI vehicles trying to move before the reviving process is possible
  • Fixed tracking of current traffic lane
  • Fixed vehicles navigating into items not allowed for them in some cases
  • Fixed handling of blinker-usage information on prefabs
  • Fixed AI vehicles moving too slow in outer lanes in some cases
  • Tweaked lane speed for slow vehicles
  • Improved handling of blocked actors
  • Improved lane merging
  • Improved handling of country speed limit
  • Improved collision handling
  • Improved handling of intersection priorities
  • Improved acceleration handling
  • Increased navigation penalty for unconnected items so they are not chosen if there is a better option
  • More AI fixes


  • Rebalanced sound volume of all trucks
  • Reduced volume of rain inside cabin
  • Added sound of wind while driving in exterior
  • New sound for forest
  • New factory sound
  • Changed ambient sound in vicinity of cities


  • Web links are opened using the integrated Steam browser by default. Can be disabled using g_steam_browser cvar.
  • Fixed crash during exit when initialization of the Steam API fails.


  • Fixed number of signs printed by the g_item_count command
  • Provides notification about autosave and allows it to be postponed
  • Loaded map autosave behaves as normal map
  • Fixed interaction between zoom using mouse wheel for zoom and change of fly speed
  • Map overlay dialog supports multiselection
  • Content browser shows information for current look and variant
  • Improved handling of content menu for disabled actions
  • Fixes in sign editor
  • Trimmed model names in model dialog
  • Editable sign model cannot be added to map
  • Fixed initialization of sign editor UI
  • Removed city speed checkbox from city item dialog
  • Tuned colors in content browser
  • Support for collection markers in content browser
  • Fixed closing of find all references dialog
  • Fixed showing vegetation assets in content browser
  • Editable sign dialog has position and rotation edit boxes
  • Allowed mixed selection of editable and non-editable signs
  • Rotation of single item is done in local space
  • Copy and paste on console do not interfere with editor copy operations
  • Removed obsolete 'no trucks' checkbox
  • Added traffic area item for specifying local rules for the AI
  • Only rules with compatible names are shown in traffic area dialog
  • Traffic area item dialog shows rule name instead of token if name is available
  • Improved rendering of previews in content browser
  • Sign editor is closed before refreshing sign
  • Shows values as RGB instead of BGR in the sign editor
  • Fixed undo for prefab items
  • Added undo for node dialog
  • Improved management of collections
  • Improved drag&drop
  • The replacement operation now supports prefab looks and prefab variants
  • Country names are shown as localized in the node dialog
  • Batch replace command now supports single entry with "*" character to mean all sectors
  • Batch replace can also replace prefab variants and looks
  • Improved handling of precision of some calculated values to reduce amount of unnecessary changes in the map files during future rebuilds of the map


  • Support for different sized wheels
  • Custom transmission gear names
  • Significantly increased number of cities supported on the UI map
  • Maximum driving time and sleeping time are configurable in economy data
  • Added red light offense tolerance to police data
  • Air resistance and friction is configurable in physics.sii
  • Renamed some traffic rules related to city areas
  • Please read full modding changes on http://eurotrucksimulator2.com/modding_changes_111.php
 Update your copy of the game to version 1.11.1!

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