Bennekebens Lowrider Mod version 1.3

Creator: Bennekeben (Xfire/Steam ID),* Feel Free to Add me
Download (297,2 MB)
Supported for ETS2 version 1.14beta
Whats In this MOD ???
Updates 1.3
Redone lowered chassis to bring them even lower!
Lowerd mid/tag Lifts
Air ride on all chassis
Added 12 exhaust spots on all chassis
Fixed lowerd Hiway , its driveable and dropped as never before :) !
Added lowerd Tag and Mid lifts for the scania t model working on version1.3 and 1.4(truckversions)
Bugs known"
Since the release of the lift
lots of us discoverd how to put it on all the axles..
Unfortually i wasnt first to released this cool idea , so maybe some
of u people have allready discoverd the following bugs.
when leaving a garage or other your truck wont throttle.. Press the Lift button twice and its ok.
When Air ride is added on a chassis the Truck will apear at it lowest in the Truck show/garage
When spawned it will be in air ride stance sometimes dropped but sometimes in the normal position.
once dropped completly your truck will block it self and u can steer,  throttle and your wheels will stop rotating
Eventually this air ride function is just a photo stance..
But u can ride it and lower it in bits if u just dont go to low..
There is no script yet so we 'modder's cant change the working of it'
Since i havnt figger out how to remove the fenders in a proper way in blender the wheels will come out on the lowerd versions.
Im still working to fix that in upcomming versions.
If skilled blender users have some tips then feel free to contact me :)
it could speed up the process :)
Older Mod info:
This mod includes:
3 diffrant Lowerd Chassis for every truck and scania t model
Low, Verry low, To low
Fixed with sidecovers and exhausts
Prices based on my Mega discount mod,
this lowerd chassis are a bit more expensive then the standards
but they are still cheap!
Custom Creations
Custom lowerd chassis
3 diffrerent stances depending how low u want to go..
working on all trucks fixed side cover panels and exhausts.
Also added the material looks from the show n shine mod
this includes checkerd mudflaps,better Looks on metals,platics,paint

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