Avast Premier 2015 v10 Full + Crack and Key

Avast Premier 2015 final release is an advanced and professional anti-virus security software for Windows and Mac. The best free virus protection against theft and dangerous system threats that might hurt your system performance and reveal your personal data. Avast 2015 full has come with new security technology so called "SafeZone"; this feature allows you to manually set trusted banking and shopping websites and blocks other websites you don't trust from sharing connection. The SafeZone is also a Windows firewall alternative, where you can set trusted applications and programs and set which to deny.
  --->Avast Premier 2015 v10 Features<--- 
  • SafeZone tool for secure online banking transactions and blocking untrusted applications from running. Stronger than Windows firewall and halts any hacker attack attempts.
  • Like any other 2015 antivirus programs, Avast Premier 2015 includes Anti-spam, Anti-spyware, Anti-rootkit, Anti-malware and Anti-virus. All these security tools prevent phishing scam, trojans, and any other kind of threats.
  • Avast, the most trusted security program includes a smart technology based on DynaGen feature which filters and scans daily download in real-time and detects malware if included in any download file.
  • Generally, Avast Premier 2015 is the perfect all-in-one security solution you will need to install on your computer for your files and data safety. Focus on your business success and forget about threats, because Avast will completely secure your business computers and systems.
  • Avast Premier 2015 is compatible with Windows 7 (32-64 bit), Windows 8 (32-64 bit), Windows Vista (32-64 bit), Windows XP (32-64 bit).
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  --->How to Install Avast Premier 2015 v10<--- 
 Step 1-  Install the program - Double click on "avast_premier_antivirus_setup.exe".
 Step 2-  Disable Avast self-defense module. [Go to Settings > Troubleshooting and uncheck the 4th option].
 Step 3-  Only Windows XP Users have to Run "AVAST XP.reg" file. [Apply "YES"].
 Step 4-  Copy the file "Version.dll" to both these folders. [c:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\] &  [c:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\Setup].
 Step 5-  Delete "Userenv.dll" from above folders if you find any.
 Step 6-  Enable back the self-defense module.
 Step 7-  Enjoy Avast Premier 2015 Full Version.

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