Ultimate Client Manager - CRM - Pro Edition

Ultimate Client Manager - CRM - Pro Edition

Ultimate Client Manager - this is the most complete and easy-to-use account open source Customer and Project management system available for companies and freelancers. Competitor features some of the other major software vendors in the market. Place the application on your own site or server at home.

List of functions:
• Client Management: Manage customer database in this easy to use CRM. Storage, search and group customers. Import from CSV. Keep your personal notes. Multiple contacts per customer.
• Website Management: Record customer details of the website. Keep FTP passwords, notes and history website all in one place. Link Jobs and Invoices to websites.
• Jobs: Jobs Link with clients and websites. Send the job Quote to customer for pre-approval. The customer can track the progress of work. Add Tasks for Jobs.
CRM-invoice: Create PDF invoices by e-mail account on the client directly from the system. Mark, when the bill is paid. Overdue notice. Part of payments and invoice merger.
• income and expenses: Track your income and expenses. Evaluate your monthly income. See historical financial data. Schedule recurring bills. Reminders and budgeting.
• Files: Customers and staff can upload files. Tag image files with comments. E-mail notification to download the files. Assign client files / jobs.
• Online payments: Payments on invoices via secure PayPal, Google checkout or band. Invoices marked as paid upon successful payment. Part payment of invoices. Payment History. Receipt of payment.
• membership fees: Management members of your group or club. Get alerted when members subscription is due for renewal. Create invoices and receipts subscription members.
• Make a list: Overview of the main showing your items TODO (for example, the forthcoming work, invoices have not been sent, tasks requiring admin approval, new file uploads).
• Mobile Preview: Want access to the UCM on the road? This system comes with a mobile environment to reduce sight. Try it with your phone to see it! You can also disable the "mobile view" and use the standard responsive layout if you want.
• Ease of Installation: Step installer stage of production. Very easy to install and very easy to receive automatic product updates.
• self-sufficient: Host this system on its own internal server or public website hosting provider.
• Registration of clients: Clients can register using the form on your website. Jobs are created by default against the new customer ready for quoting.
• Discussion of the objectives of the work: you can send a job to the Customer from within UCM. The letter contains a link to the Customer can click, and then add comments to any task in the work. Great if you need feedback on quoted items or half completed tasks Job.
• open source PHP code: the source code is completely open PHP. No encrypted obfuscated tricky stuff here. Modify the code to suit your needs, or create your own in house UCM plugins.
• Internationalization: support for multiple currencies and tax rates. Full translation language file is available. Different staff / customers can have different interface languages.
• Custom fields: Create your own custom fields through out the system. For example: Keep customers favorite color or birthday, burn through a purchase order # or external job ID. Custom fields are also available in templates and e-mail.
• Import & Export: Import and export data from the system in the format of CSV. Import Preview before it happens. Import data into said groups to facilitate sorting.
• fine-grained permissions: Security and permissions settings to control which users / clients have access to which features. Create, edit, delete and view. Limit employees, scheduled tasks, and much more.
• resumes and invoices: Track Jobs and Invoices that repeat (eg: website hosting). Ability to change the work / expense after resume. Dashboard reminders when you are ready to upgrade. Specify renewal period (eg: 7 days, 1 year).
• Staff / Customer Login: Customers can login to view their information and perform restricted actions. Several accounts of employees. Permissions to manage and view the history of login.
• Quick Pin / Bookmark: There are a lot of customers? Work on the concrete work all the time? Add to the main menu for quick access anywhere in the system.
• Theme Editor: comes with a basic theme editor. Management system colors and layout without editing the CSS. Additional changes via CSS files welcome too!
• Template Editor: WYSIWYG editor to control many templates through out the system. Email templates, invoice templates, thank you messages and much more!
• Knowledge Base / Frequently Asked Questions: Is there a list of frequently asked questions is displayed to the customer support service. Group Questions about the product. Embed the FAQ listing in your own website.
• Credit Notes: To raise a credit note against an existing invoice. Send a credit note to the Customer as a PDF.
• Job Tasks: Adding new tasks Jobs. Assign specific tasks to employees. Keep track of how many hours we spent on each task. See if employees spend more than quoted time for work tasks.
Deposits • Duties: Collect deposits before starting to work. Deposit will be deducted from the total amount of the invoice.
• Free updates: Pay once (helps developers!) And receive current updates. Please, go to Settings> Software Update to see a list of available updates, a list of changed files and version number.
• Session Management: UCM system displays a list of active user sessions and allow the administrator to terminate any active user sessions. This is great security incase you forget to log on to another computer.
• Change Request: Customers can "click and point" on any part of their website and request a change (for example, make the logo bigger). Change requests appear within UCM for tracking and billing purposes. Limit the number of changes.
• e-mail newsletters: send bulk email newsletters to groups on your system (for example, customers, members, Recently Completed Jobs). Template Editor. Bounce and unsubscribe link tracking mouse.
• E-mail and web portal Support Tickets: Fully functional support tickets via email. Import mail via POP3 / IMAP. Create ticket numbers. Auto Answer. Assign tickets to support staff. Reply by e-mail or network.
• encrypted fields: using standard techniques RSA / AES, you can encrypt and decrypt sensitive data (eg, website details FTP or control panel login information). On the client side cryptography confidential data never even leaves your computer.
• PDF invoices: Conversion of accounts in PDF documents. Email PDF invoices for its direct customer of the system. Full control over the layout in the invoice. Send invoices in format PDF, marked as "important" or "paid" as well.
• Task Timer: to create a customer reference, add a few tasks to the task, click the "Start Timer" and forward. Ability to run multiple tasks at once timers. See active timers with any page in the system.
• Automatic updates Score: Select Account date and FMC will send automatic extension of PDF invoices and reminders overdue invoice. Cool!
• Automatic Subscriptions: create subscriptions (eg, 6 months, Web site hosting) and assign them to clients. UCM will automatically generate an email in PDF-invoice the Customer, and follup overdue notice if necessary.
• Calendar: a large easy-to-use calendar to organize your business. How Google Calendar. Create events, assign customers and employees.
• Custom Data Forms: Create your own database forms without programming knowledge. Create encrypted fields, downloading files, text fields, nested lists, radio buttons, and more!
• Automatic Overdue Email: Select the invoice Due Date and FMC will send automatic PDF overdue notice if an invoice has not been paid.
This system runs on your own hosting server, it can be an internal server or just on your own site (as I have it).

• PHP 5.3 and higher only
• MySQL database
• Great customer information that you would like to store in one place
• Web server (preferably Apache Linux, it will not probably work on hosting accounts Windows - despite the fact that people have reported that it does),
• PHP enabled vorticity (so that automated updates and installation works) ask your hosting provider
• This script will not likely work on hosting accounts that have PHP "safe_mode", included. safe_mode - old feature and it causes a lot of problems with this script.
• PHP-enabled IMAP (for newsletter system and ticketing system) ask your hosting provider - godaddy hosting, shared by, did not work, and they have a lot of mail problems anyway, I suggest using a different provider.
• Public website directions (eg: yourwebsite.com/admin_system/), if you want to use payment processing (eg: PayPal)
• .htaccess mod_rewrite is good to have if you get a 404 error then ask your service provider hosting included ".htaccess mod_rewrite" or entered into config.php and change _REWRITE_LINKS from truth to falsehood

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